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A good way to begin is to seek inspiration. How? With the help of a wedding planner, or perhaps friends and family who have recently had the experience of walking down the aisle... And, of course, with our wedding dress collections. Without a doubt: the photos of the designs will give you a glimpse of your big day, all kitted out in your dream outfit. What's more, with the Adriana Alier finder you can filter your results based on the types and designs you like, the styles you prefer, the type of wedding you're planning and even the season your event will take place. Let's explore!

We advise you to do this between 9 and 12 months in advance. However, if your wedding date is sooner: don't hesitate any longer, make an appointment now. You still have time to find the perfect dress for your big day!

Wedding dress orders are generally placed between 6 and 8 months before the wedding date. This leaves enough time to customize it if you wish -the point of sale offers this service- and plan any necessary adjustments and fittings.

You can find Adriana Alier wedding dresses in around 300 authorized multi-brand stores in approximately 30 different countries. You can find them all in our store finder. Look up the nearest one to your location and book your appointment.

Because we want to make sure your experience is completely unforgettable, we do not offer online sales and our wedding dresses are sold exclusively in authorized boutiques. In this way, we can offer you advice from specialist stylists and the give the occasion the attention it deserves.

You can find all our current wedding dresswedding dress collections on our website. Get inspiration from our huge variety of designs! You will succumb to their charm...

The use of the finest fabrics in their tailoring, the attention to the most intricate detail and little nods to the latest trends are the three keys to the success of the Adriana Alier wedding collections. This means that Adriana Alier wedding dresses are on trend but also embrace romanticism, and are perfect for modern, daring and elegant women.

Adriana Alier wedding dresses are the result of hours and hours of work by outstanding creative teams who know how to capture their savoir-faire into beautiful bridal dress designs.

Adriana Alier faithfully follows the highest quality standards.

Before they leave our studio, each and every one of the dresses undergoes a comprehensive quality control process that guarantees each piece is in perfect condition.

Adriana Alier wedding dresses are a perfect balance between quality and price. And the price of each item varies depending on the design and materials used in the tailoring.

If you would like to know the price of a particular dress: contact your nearest stockist; they will be happy to give you all the information you need. Remember you can find your nearest point of sale in our store finder.

We work with a wide range of sizes. Our wedding dresses are available in sizes from European 34 to 60 / US sizes 8 to 30.

The experience. At the boutiques that stock our wedding dresses you will be attended by an expert adviser who will get to know your tastes and expectations and tell you all about the types of dress and necklines that best suit your body type, show you the latest trends and take your measurements to ensure your dress is perfectly fitted to enhance your feminine beauty.

In all cases, our stockists follow safety and hygiene protocols in accordance with the regulations in force in each country. Your experience will be just as safe as it is unique!

That depends on each store and location. To make sure of opening hours: contact your nearest stockist. Use the store finder to find their contact phone number.

Of course! We recommend that you bring along 2 or 3 people to share this special moment.

Unfortunately, right now, due to the global pandemic situation: shops in all countries are restricted in terms of capacity to minimize the risks of spreading the virus. Therefore, we advise you to contact us by phone once you have requested an appointment at one of the sales points, so that we can go over all the details with you.

The length of time spent in store will depend on how many dresses you'll be trying on and the day of the week, among other things. It generally ranges between 1.5 and 2 hours; in any event: the stores' sales teams will remain at your disposal until you find the dream dress for your big day.

There is no set limit. Your expert assistant will focus all their efforts on helping you find the ideal wedding dress to create your very own stunning wedding look.

That depends on the store. Most of them do. For more information: contact your nearest stockist. You will find the contact details in our store finder.

Contacting your nearest stockist. Call by phone, and they will be happy to give you the information you need. You can find the contact details easily in the store finder.

If you've fallen in love with an outfit from a collection that's not in the current season line-up on our website, we recommend you get in touch with your nearest stockist and ask them about it. They will help you find a solution! You can also contact our Customer Service team using the online contact form on our website.

You can book an appointment at the stockist of your choice quickly and easily using the Book appointment section on the website. We hope to see you very soon in one of our stores!

Although some of the authorized multi-brand stores do not require an appointment, our recommendation is that you book ahead. Doing so guarantees that your appointment will be an unbeatable experience.

After requesting the appointment, you will receive a confirmation email. The store will also get in contact with you directly. If you do not receive an email and/or call, you can contact us by email at moc.reilaanairda@ofni. We're here to help!

If you wish to postpone or cancel your appointment for whatever reason, we kindly ask you to inform the store in question giving as much notice as possible. You will find the contact details in the store finder on our website.

Some shops do not have all the styles available. However, since the Adriana Alier wedding collections are so extensive, you are sure to still find a perfect bridal outfit for taste! If, however, you have your heart set on one specific dress and your store does not have it in stock: it can be ordered in.

What can I do if the dress I was looking for is not available in my stockist?

Our shops offer very convenient payment conditions. At your appointment, you will be given all the payment options. However. If you would like to know the conditions in advance: contact the stockist of your choice.

If you wish to do so, this must be arranged with the stockist of your choice.

In principle, there is a no returns policy; Adriana Alier wedding dresses are made to order for each bride. In any event, the stockist you have purchased from will provide you with their specific exchange and returns policy. Contact them for more information.

Of course. We invite you to share it with us by email at the following address: moc.reilaanairda@ofni.

Keep your dress in the garment bag you are given by the store and, if possible, keep it hanging up or stretched flat.

If you are travelling by plane: contact the airline you will be travelling with to ensure that the garment bag meets the hand luggage requirements. Also, check in advance if space can be reserved in the luggage compartment to ensure that your dress doesn't get creased or damaged in any way.

All our wedding dresses include an inner label detailing the care instructions suitable for cleaning the piece, in addition to the fabric composition.

There is a specific type of care recommendation for each individual garment. These depend on the fabrics and materials of each dress. That's why it's important to read the label carefully and follow its recommendations.

Since it is a delicate garment that holds a very special symbolism, marking the day you entered your marital union and began your journey as a couple, it is important that you store it safely. We'll tell you how:

1. Keep your dress in the garment bag you were given in-store. This will allow you to hang it upright and avoid folds or creases.
2. It is recommended that you store the dress in a cool, dark place to protect it from heat or damp.
3. To protect it from possible moths or other similar insects, we advise you to place a naphthalene or camphor ball nearby.
4. If you wish to store it in a box, make sure it's made of cardboard. It is a durable, affordable option and will ensure the piece is protected. If you choose this storage method, use tissue paper to avoid direct contact with the box and to soften the folds.
5. Avoid plastic boxes or covers; plastic is advised against because it creates an environment lacking in oxygen which can cause the garment to deteriorate.

We love to see our #AdrianaAlierBrides on their big day wearing one of our designs. If you would like to share the photos of your wedding ceremony and celebration with us, you can send us the pictures to moc.reilaanairda@ofni.

If you have a sales point specializing in bridal fashion and you would like to stock Adriana Alier wedding dresses, just fill in the form on our website. We will contact you as soon as possible!

Firstly, we apologize for this. Email us at se.saivonopxe@sposelas and we will contact you very soon.

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